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Marketing with the WBT© Foundation

The WBT© Foundation brings an inclusive new spin on the patient care system, as it pertains to medical financial assistance, and provides affordable options to an under-served healthcare market — with hopes of a resurgent community.

By the year 2025, we plan to hold 20+ large-scale events and monthly programs that bring the business community together for celebration, education, and health and wellness exploration. From events that provide platforms for patient care subject matter experts to creating a space for business leaders to mix and mingle with Texas’s elected leaders and officials, the Chamber’s event line-up has an opportunity for every business to engage. As a sponsor, you will be partnering with an organization that has quickly established itself as the embodiment of:

  • The small independent business, with authenticity and 'grassroots' techniques, that is redefining healthy community living and portraying it in a positive light in regional patient care and beyond.
  • The new wave of medical professionals who are moving their medical education to new heights relating to health and wellness.
  • The untapped passion for patient care in North Texas; across diverse communities ranging from suburban Dallas and their families, to the growing and under served ethnic urban enclaves throughout North Texas and beyond.
  • A community of residents celebrating and change to patient care, and education of health and wellness; of which regularly draw hundreds of supporters. Between local and national events, the WBT© Foundation become known as the source for medical financial assistance, and a stronghold in health and wellness.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • WBT© Jersey Sponsorship *With official WBT Corporate Seal
  • WBT© Event Sponsorship T-Shirt
  • Media marketing plan as a partered sponsor of the WBT© Foundation
  • Logo placement on WBT© Foundation website and social media
  • Webcast advertising during
  • News and Press Release acknowledgement
  • Banner advertising at special events with your company name and logo
  • Branded promotional opportunities
  • Event day giveaways, promotions, etc.
  • Sponsorship participation in sponsored and community events
  • Sponsorship table in sponsored and community events *Namely golf and softball events

For more information please email events@wbtfoundation.org or call our office at (972) 460-4171.

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