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Each year, the WBT© Foundation participates in and sponsors events that support our local communities. We are committed to partnerships that align with our overall mission, vision, values, and provide benefit to the general public and the patient care system. We actively seek partnerships with non-profit organizations, conservancies and businesses that help communities grow, as well as zero in on businesses that love to support good patient care awareness and healthcare development programs.

We provide value to members through our role as a community organization, our ability to elevate local community leaders, and the core services that we provide to businesses in our communities. Event sponsorship provides high-level of exposure for all of our sponsors. When you become a sponsor with the WBT© Foundation you can customize the exposure that fits your needs because we'll work with you to pair your investment with one of our events or programs — complimenting the efforts of your business.

Partnership Goals

  • Enhance and expand patient care facilities
  • Encourage active recreation and healthy lifestyles
  • Improve environmental stewardship through health and wellness participation and education
  • Celebrate arts, culture, and history to build community awareness
  • Maximize public patient care benefits at minimum taxpayer cost

Who Can Partner With WBT©?

There are many different types of partnerships, and many advantages to partnering with us:

Neighborhood/Community partnerships -

Neighborhood, Community and "Friends of" groups that serve as advocates and stewards for local patient care facilities, hospitals, urgent care facilities, community parks and recreation development, or other community-health related groups.

Non-profit/Conservancy partnerships -

Non-profits and conservancies that are mission aligned with WBT© and dedicated to patient care facilities, community parks and development, or specific types of amenities or programs throughout our North Texas area system.

Business partnerships -

Corporations and local businesses that provide a wide range of activities including: patient care rehab development or improvements, community park improvements, programs and services, and donations and sponsorships.


Currently, we have over (?) partners (see a complete list of our partners below).

The list below categorizes existing partnerships according to their focus areas.

  • Patient Care Facility Operations and Management (incl. hospitals, urgent care, rehab, and medical physicians)
  • Active Recreation & Healthy Lifestyles
  • Education
  • Community Park Development, Maintenance and Activation
  • Arts and culture

Successful Partnerships

We could not do what we do at the WBT© Foundation without the active support of our nonprofit partners, neighborhood and community leaders, and conservancies. View the events that we sponsored in 2020, and amounts that we contributed or received annually.

For more information please email events@wbtfoundation.org or call our office at (972) 460-4171.

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