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Key Initiatives

Learning Initiatives that Tell a Different Story.

WBT© Patient Care Initiatives

What Works for Us

Several collaborative initiatives have helped to shape the WBT© Foundation's patient care agenda with respect to transparency, accountability, improvement, and informed choice. Within their respective areas of focus, they have spurred advancements in technical knowledge, resources, and tools that help build report card data for patients with the MyWBTHealth© Network system.

Smart EfficientCost© Initiative

When we help to make our patient care services available to everyone in our community needing emergent or medically necessary care, then we know our work is complete. However, this process is endless. That's because people WITHOUT health insurance and the unability to pay their hospital bill, as well as patients WITH health insurance and the inability to pay the portion of their bill that insurance will not have certain things covered at the time of their initial visitation; only being able to afford to make partial payment. In either case, we want to be there to help when you need us most.

At the WBT© Foundation, part of our mission is to help patients get the quality patient care they deserve, regardless of their ability to pay, by relieving some of the cost. We believe that no one should delay seeking needed medical care because they lack health insurance or are worried about their ability to pay for their care.

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Take Action© Initiative

We love that fact that our local businesses and medical professionals support the WBT© Foundation and all that we do. In fact, as the U.S. health care system continues to evolve we are steadfast in our determination to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, and help practicing physicians navigate the changing health care system.

Effective WBT© teams are characterized by this program - ensuring trust, respect, and collaboration. When considering a teamwork model for patient care, an interdisciplinary approach should be applied; meaning an approach that coalesces a joint effort on behalf of the patient with a common goal from all disciplines involved in the care plan. Unlike a multidisciplinary approach, in which each team member is responsible only for the activities related to his or her own discipline and formulates separate goals for the patient.

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SpringIt© Forward Initiative

The WBT© Foundation works with patients who are struggling with medical financial debt while undergoing treatment at a hospital, patient- or urgent care facility, or medial professionals office. This program is a low-fee, low-cost program offered to patients-by-patients; those who want to give to other patients chronically struggling to meet their basic financial needs out of the kindness God has shown to them. It allows the WBT© Foundation to partner with new or pre-existing patients who may have already experienced the help that we offer and to do the same, if not greater, for patients who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for help through traditional hospital or charity models.

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Seniors GrowForth© Initiative

When it comes to caring for the elderly, especially in a financial situation, our Seniors GrowForth© program takes quick action at resolving the burden. One of the best things about aging is the wisdom you accrue over the years. But opposite that is growing old while still in debt. Financial stress and burden during what you throught were the golden years was the least of your worries when you celebrated retirement.

Launched in early April of 2019, the Seniors GrowForth© financial assistance program, targeting low-income senior citizens with untimely medical expenses, provided monthly stipends, and gave more relief to the senior community — bridging the gap between their expenses and income, and giving them less to worry and more to enjoy.

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Caring-Teers© Initiative

WBT© Caring-Teers© volunteers directly impact the lives of patients and their families. Caring-Teers© are responsible for performing a variety of tasks in providing quality care to residents; inclusive from personal care and psychosocial support, to direct companionship and errand support. Working with local school and university districts, nursing programs, educational programs, and much more, the Caring-Teers© program sets apart those who work from those who work to make a difference. The WBT© Foundation always represents the highest standard of our commitment to individuals, their families and our communities by using Caring-Teers© volunteers to help you in your time of need.

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Community Education Flip©

Community Education Flip© Initiative, also known as CEF©, is designed to help patients access information in order to make informed patient care choices and to strengthen requirements to protect the health and safety of the community in patient care. The WBT© Foundation wants to maximize these efforts by implementing best practices for engaging patients and families through effective community education on preventative care. Well-crafted community education that is strength-based and culturally, linguistically, and otherwise responsive to the needs of communities they serve, can reach large numbers of diverse patients and families, and ensure the widest possible access to information and services.

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Hearts Hope Retreat© Initiative

We believe that a strong patient care, facility and physician relationship is at the heart of good health care. We also recognize that part of that relationship is making sure that our patients' needs and expectations are always met. The WBT© Foundation has adopted the Hearts Hope Retreat initiative program as a way to help us meet this goal. Our mission at Heart Hope Ranch was created based upon one simple principle:

  • Offer our guests the purest health and wellness services & natural products in the most unique and tranquil environment. It is our hope to promote balance, both from the inside and out, but providing a peaceful, relaxing, safe and inclusive environment where you can become your most radiant, healthy self.

The build of the Hearts Hope Retreat© will see ground work lay as early as March of 2022.

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Athletic Training Initiative

Support of athletic groups and clubs is an important part of who we are. We strive to engage with organizations that push athletic movements throughout their commuinity. Our Athletic Training initiative program helps us stay connected to the community and the sports arena by sponsoring streamlined events and opportunities to the general public:

  • If you are a public school or organization that believes in our mission and vision, then this initiative might be right what you need to have us give you the support you need.

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