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Making a Change in Your Way of Living

Everyone's healthcare needs are different. Whether you need a blood test or surgery, one thing is certain: medical care is expensive. If you are between jobs, not covered by health insurance or you are not sure how you will make the paycheck last to the end of the month, you could be eligible for financial medical assistance.

Financial Medical Assistance (FMA) Program

The Financial Medical Assistance (FMA) program through the WBT© Foundation can help you determine what it takes to pay your medical debt to hospitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, or medical professional offices. Resource Counselors help cut through the frustrating red tape and assist you with the necessary paperwork. Based on household income, you can be eligible for the following programs:

  • ER Payments: These are the payments required at the initial time of visitation; as required by registration or administrative staff
  • Uninsured Discount: Uninsured patients receive a 35 percent discount and those who agree to pay in advance can receive a 50 percent discount
  • County Indigent: Public funds for healthcare services are available to eligible residents through the counties, hospital districts and public hospitals in Texas
  • Rehabilitation Services: Funding for rehabilitation services varies depeneding on patient care needs
  • Senior Care Expenses: Resources to help get your loved ones in a retirement or care living center. Verification of Income and eligibility is required

Unfunded Care

The WBT© Foundation is, has been and always will be committed to meeting the patient care needs of North Texas communities. We are committed to meeting those needs regardless of the patient’s ability or inability to pay for their services.

For those individuals who are not enrolled in a health plan and must meet their financial obligations by using personal resources, the WBT© Foundation offers the following steps to assistance:

First, upon request of a local hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional for payment of services, we will attempt to enroll and approve a patient by getting a complete Financial Medical Assistance (FMA) application online or in-person. We will also inform patients as to what their personal financial obligation will be and arrange for them to pay that amount; if possible, with the attending facility. Providing this information is a difficult task because the full scope of services a patient will require during any single encounter is not always certain. We will provide the best estimate we can. If patients are unable to pay what is required at the time of services, and if a FMA is approved, we will then pay the attending facility the required amount due at the time of services.

Secondly, the financial obligations payment amount paid to the attending facility in and for the patient, is then added to the patients Financial Network Interface Preferred (FNIP) account, and paid to the WBT© Foundation over a period of low installments; allowing for patients to gain more control over their medical debt

Thirdly, patients are enrolled in a preventative health and wellness program to help educate them on staying healthy, and put them back on track to good health.

Medical Indigence

In situations where a patient’s financial obligation to the WBT© Foundation reaches significantly high levels, consideration will be given to establish Medical Indigence. The WBT© Foundation defines Medical Indigence as having a financial obligation that exceeds 33 percent of annual household income. In this case a charity adjustment is made to reduce the financial obligation down to 33 percent of household income.

Financial Indigence

Household income, which includes cash assets, is compared to Federal Poverty Income Levels (FPIL) adjusted for family size. When household income is below 250% of the FPIL the applicant will be granted full charity or 100% of patient's amount. When household income is above 250% of the FPIL the applicant will be granted partial charity. This means the applicant will pay a portion of the patient's amount. The charity discounts are applied according to the “sliding scale” below.

  • 251-260% 98% of patient's amount
  • 261-270% 95% of patient's amount
  • 271-280% 92% of patient's amount
  • 281-290% 90% of patient's amount
  • 291-300% 88% of patient's amount
  • 301-325% 86% of patient's amount
  • 326-350% 84% of patient's amount
  • 351-375% 82% of patient's amount
  • 376-400% 80% of patient's amount
  • > 400% Consider Uninsured Discounts or Medical Indigence only

If a patient is enrolled in a national health plan, there are regulatory restrictions with which the WBT© Foundation MUST abide in regard to any proposed discounts. However, since the WBT© Foundation is a charitable organization, such insured individuals can be considered eligible for financial medical assistance underneath our giving programs initiatives, but MUST meet certain criteria under the FNIL guidelines.

More detailed explanations and the specific rules that govern these programs can be obtained by contacting our main office at (972) 460-4171, or by contacing a Resource Counselor via email, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm CST. All WBT Foundation Resources Counselors are available to assist patients with enrollment in various giving programs.

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