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Dedication to Your Needs

A Promise and Commitment of Leadership

Initial Interaction

Simply said, we put patients first at the WBT© Foundation. We sincerely care for every patient and their family members as if they were part of our own family. That means we will deliver high-quality patient care through our Financial Medial Assistance Program (FMAP) while paying personal attention to you, as an individual. We will do our best to anticipate and meet your individual needs while making you feel as comfortable as possible in speaking with us.

Each of our staff members recognize the importance of caring for the whole patient, and not only focusing on the patient care concern that brought him or her to one of our affiliated hospitals, patient- & urgent care facilities, or medical professional offices. That’s why we are committed to showing compassion and simple kindness whenever we interact with our patients and their families &mdahs; everytime.

We are dedicated to high-quality patient care and healing at the WBT© Foundation. And, we promise to put you and your well-being first at all times; no omatter the cost.


We offer private in-house or on-location screening during your initial intake with a WBT© Foundation Resource Officer, and when possible during the latest pandemic, we will endeavor to honor your preference. Sometimes alternate arrangements may be necessary due to availability or CDC health guidelines. No matter what type of screening preference you receive, you will be provided the same careful service by our dedicated and professional Resource Counselors. Under no circumstance will there be discrimination in the assignment of patient care, awareness or interaction in regards to race, creed or religion.

Employee/Staff Identification

All WBT© Foundation employees and Caring-Teers© volunteers are identified by an identification badge which shows their first and last name, title and office location; including badge number and service dates. WBT© Foundation personnel are required to wear this badge so that you will know the people who are working on your behalf to get you the assistance you need. If you do not see a WBT© Foundation staff member’s badge, please ask them to show it to you.

Ethical Questions

If you have a concern of an ethical nature, you may express that concern to any WBT© Foundation executive staff member who will, in turn, initiate the process for resolution. Additionally, clinical or ethical concerns at any of our affiliated hospitals, patient- & urgent care facilities, or medical professional office may be reported to any staff member or hospital management including the Director of Quality, Department Directors, Nursing Supervisors or Hospital Administration at an affiliated hospital, patient- & urgent care facility, or medical professional office.

If any patient, visitor or employee believes discrimination has occurred, they should contact the Director of Risk Management at (972) 460-4171 ext. 218.

Smoke/Tobacco Free Facilities

The WBT© Foundation and its affiliated hospitals, patient- & urgent care facilities, and medical professional offices are tobacco-free facilities and campuses. The use of tobacco of all kinds is prohibited on any campus, including the parking lots. If you are interested in quitting, we encourage you to do so by calling (469) 855-9707, and speaking with a Resource Counselor or by emailing re subject: Trying to Quit Smoking.

Physician Care

Although your physician is ultimately in charge of your admission and discharge from any WBT© Foundation affiliated hospital, patient- & urgent care facility, or medical professional office, our team of medical professionals will help make arrangements for any laboratory tests, medications, diets, and other special treatments you may need upon approval of entry to our preventative education health and wellness programs.

Please Note: Your physician may bill for his or her professional services separately. Likewise, the professional fees for any specialty services, such as anesthesiology, pathology, and radiology will also be billed separately.


The WBT© Foundation Caring-Teers© volunteers occasionally join the hospital staff in wishing you a comfortable stay and a speedy recovery — no matter where you are. Though they receive no pay beyond the satisfaction of helping others, they are an invaluable part of the he WBT© Foundation.

Regarding Your Bill

At the time you are presented by a registration staff member at an affiliated hospital, patient- & urgent care facility, or medical professional office, and if you already have a FNIP account number assigned by a WBT© Foundation Resource Counselor, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the hospital portion of your bill, please call a patient account specialist at (972) 460-4171 ext. 217, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm, or your WBT© Foundation Resource Counselor. If you don’t reach someone in person, please leave a message with your name, FNIP account number, and/or a daytime phone number once you leave the hospital and they will return your call as soon as possible.



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