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Suzi F. Denton, TX

“We just moved my mom in a few days ago and so far so good. The room is updated and modern, with the largest kitchen I've seen among all the assisted living places. Inside decor is beautiful as this is a brand new place. So far Oxford Grand seems warm, cozy, "family" feeling place. It is easy for my mom to get around, very well lit, simple floor plan. Activities have kept her busy and the transition easier. Some of the other residents have already welcomed her. This community feels like home, great caring staff that seems to go above and beyond for their residents, and this couldn't have been possible unless the WBT© Foundation hadn't helped. Thank you.”

WBT© Partner: Ascension Providence Hospital

Phillip G. Austin, TX

“My mom had been living with us for over 6 months and seemed to want her own space, so it was time for us to give her the peace that she wanted. But, my wife and I didn't know where to turn to get the help we needed. Then a friend introducaed us to the WBT© Foundation, and it was the best solution for us. They worked well with us and we're thankful for them.”

WBT© Partner: Valley Medical Center

F. Miller Houston, TX

“I was truly blown away when my health provider told me that the WBT© Foundation had paid my ER visit that was going to collections. I really didn't remember applying for assistance until I received the call from the health provider. I'm so glad that this company helps people like me who are struggling to pay my medical bills on time. I appreciate your help.”

WBT© Partner: Houston Methodist

C. Spandurgh Ft. Worth, TX

“When my daughter was admitted to the hospital for a major surgery, I didn't quite understand why the registration agent was so insistant on getting me to pay the huge amount before they would admit my daughter. Then the hospital business manager told me about WBT©, and to apply for medical assistance with them. I called them and they jumped right on the ball to help me. I will always be greatful.”

WBT© Partner: Baylor Surgical Center

Dr. W. Williamson Detroit, MI

“Many of my patients struggle paying their medical bills. To know that there is a foundation that will help assist with portions of bills so that patients continue to get help is a great relief to our hospital. In fact, their CEO jumped right in to assist personally with a phone call. You're the best, guys.”

WBT© Partner: Henry Ford Hospital

F. Murphy Alexandria, LA

“My son suffers from Asthma and had an episode. We ran to the ER, and immediately they wanted me to pay for the visit. At the time I was between jobs, and couldn't afford the payment necessary to be seen. The hospital gave me the WBT© number, and I called and explained my situation. They were so understanding and immediately I felt relieved. I love this foundation, and wouldn't choose anyone else.”

WBT© Partner: Rapides Regional Medical Center

*ALL testimonials are from active members of the WBT© Foundation and its' affiliate partner the WBT© Medical Group.

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