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serving the community

Giving is Worth Everything

We embrace those organizations whos likely to have a significant, sustained, and positive effect on patient care lives within our communities. Our grant processes ensure accountability and our grantmaking reaches many corners of North Texas and beyond. We support organizations poised for healthy growth — helping them transform to serve more lives — more effectively. Charitable giving from assets is a valuable element of financial tax-planning strategy — and such gifts provide great satisfaction to thoughtful donors. Gifts of cash and publicly-traded securities or retirement plan assets are the easiest to transfer. Our gift acceptance policies provide guidance on a wider range of asset types and giving oppportunities. Of course WBT© also accepts lifetime asset transfers for donor advised funds or outright contributions to other funds, which is widely accepted by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522.

Our broad range of comprehensive benefit program areas, local knowledge, long range vision, and diversity of giving options uniquely qualify the WBT© Foundation to be your partner in wise giving, for both the short and long term business organization goals. We draw on our administrative staff experience to add value to the grants and programming, and introduce outside expertise when it's needed to tackle community challenges on patient care — always striving for impact.

Our Resources are More than Money

We draw on staff experience to add value to the grants we make, and introduce outside expertise when it's needed to tackle community challenges. We routinely provide counsel to nonprofits on issues ranging from board development to building endowments. The WBT© Foundation can help you and your clients to find the options for charitable giving that most appeal to them and best suit their circumstances. We don’t advise donors on tax or legal matters, but we can explain just how their gift can be put to work in the community that’s been so important to them.

Do Something to Make a Difference!

Download our quarterly brochure — HOPE: Having Patients in the Midst of a Crisis! (HPMC) — to launch a conversation with your clients about patient care in your community.

Our Expertise.

Unlike national foundations offering donor advised funds under the auspices of financial services firms, we're experts in investing WBT©'s resources to best address the challenges of our community, across a wide range of interest areas pertaining to lives in your community.

Strategies We Support

  • Charitable gifts timed to confer the greatest tax advantage.
  • Additions to or establishment of endowed funds, so that today’s gifts will give and grow into the future.
  • Establishment of donor advised funds, enabling donors to recommend the charitable use of their gifts over time.
  • Gifts of appreciated securities or real estate, potentially reducing the burden of capital gains taxes.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, please visit our Strategic Priorities to learn more about our areas of funding, or contact the Director of Programs at (972) 460-4171 to find out whether your organization or program might be eligible. Further information on the types of funding we offer and the application process can be found below. Please note: That while the majority of grant applications must be submitted by invitation, the WBT© Foundation issues periodic Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to target specific health challenges, and which are open to any eligible applicant. Information on upcoming RFPs will be featured on our website with application instructions.

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Sample Agreements and Documents

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Providing Unforgettable Experiences for Patients Like You

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