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At the WBT© Foundation, we believe that ensuring a good financial experience for patients is important for many reasons—it reduces administrative costs and improves financial results for healthcare organizations, it enhances patient care satisfaction and loyalty, and — perhaps most importantly — it helps patients make better decisions about their health.

That’s why we worked with leading organizations from all sectors of the industry to help give us a better development for these best practices. All of this helps us keep up-to-date with patients and helps them gain better training and recognition based on these best developmental tools. The following key initiatives set us on the right path for patient care success:

FlowNetwork® Care System Initiative®

Patient record keeping and billing is a significant problem. Consumers want a financial communications process that is clear, concise, correct, and patient-friendly. The FlowNetwork Care Systems helps patients and facilities access the latest medical records — keeping the patient and their primary medical professional informed from anywhere in the world. In early 2021, the WBT Foundation will be launching the FlowNetwork® prototype care system; which will enhance the ways patients and care givers interact. In it, patients will find easy access to their medical records, billing invoices, local facilities that service their every need, and many other modern features.

"Patients need to be absolutely clear when it comes to all medical communications," states CEO, Darrian Kendall. "They need to have a clear understanding of not only the language spoken, but they should also be able to quickly determine how they need to address each type of communication. Bills should contains the right amount of details necessary, and should NOT include estimates of liability, inaccurate or erroneous information; making the needs of patients and family members paramount when designing administrative processes and communication."

Patient Care Billing Initiative®

Grant funding to the right organization is a priority. We want to ensure that every dollar we donate goes towards it'd direct cause and for the grant applied. Our Patient Care Billing initiative® invests in organizations and projects that advance our strategic goals and priorities. With years of expertise to create virtual and on-site training for WBT®'s facility program supervisors, medical professionals and organizations working with WBT®, as well as grant writers on a wide-range of topics, we will provide the resources necessary to maximize the impact of every grant.

Based on the following philosophy, the following should always be top priority when it comes to patient care:

  • The needs of patients and family members should be paramount when designing administrative processes and communications.
  • Information gathering should be coordinated with other providers and insurers, and this collection process should be done efficiently, privately, and with as little duplication as possible.
  • When possible, communication of financial information should not occur during the medical encounter.
  • The average reader should easily understand the language and format of financial communications.
  • Continuous improvement of the billing process should be made by implementing better practices and incorporating feedback from patients and consumers.
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Hearts Hope Retreat Initiative®

We believe that a strong patient care/facility/physician relationship is at the heart of good health care. We also recognize that part of that relationship is making sure that our patients' needs, and expectations, are always met. The WBT© Foundation has adopted the Hearts Hope Retreat initiative program as a way to help us meet this goal.

Our mission at Heart Hope Ranch was created based upon one simple principle: Offer our guests the purest health and wellness services & natural products in the most unique and tranquil environment. It is our hope to promote balance, both from the inside and out, but providing a peaceful, relaxing, safe and inclusive environment where you can become your most radiant, healthy self.

We want to partner with some truly amazing business and persons alike who share our same mindset and vision, and always keep best practices in mind. It’s time we take back what we’ve lost – and that is time. The WBT Foundation is in the business of helping relieve patient care by taking on the burden of medical financial debt and putting that money back into the local communities. However, we cannot do it without you. That’s why we worked with leading organizations from all sectors of the industry to help give us a better development for these best practices.

Learn more about Hearts Hope Retreat online at Future Endeavors web page.

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