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grant basics

grant basics

Investors That Care for Patients

At the WBT© Foundation, we believe in pure transparency. As a leading, independent patient care and public funding organization, we focus on accelerating the transformation of patient care through the healthcare system; through insight and education, all the while promoting better health and better care by reducing the total cost of patient care debt. In fact, our main platform was created to help subsidize patient care, with a primary focus on medical financial assistance.

In early 2019, we sought it necessary to create the WBT Executive Group, also known as WEG (pronounced 'wedge'). WEG is an independent network of invested executives made up of community and local business leaders and owners who help navigate the strategic and tactical issues of patient care alongside the WBT© Foundation executive team. WEG involves themselves within team forums where the open exchange of ideas, opportunities for action, collaboration and transformational dialogue can freely ensue and supports a platform of initiatives for patients and associated partners, patient care innovation, technology, properties, and the development of lifelong professional and educational relationships. WEG investors make up a simple sleeve of the foundation; with promoted and strict investor privileges.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our investors - both business and personal, who have contributed to special initiatives through our existence. Their commitment and special love for not only patient care, but also for the continued growth and effors of our organization have helped us push forward to historic events and community awareness visibility. For that, we cannot say enough.

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For more information on WEG, please visit https://wbtfoundation.org/weg, or call our office at (972) 460-4171. You may also subscribe to our newsletter at https://wbtfoundation.org/weg/newsletter-signup.


Business News Releases

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August 23, 2020

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September 13, 2020

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