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our approach

our approach

From A Bird's Eye View

The patient care approach is one of great importantance and value that makes up how we, at the WBT© Foundation, interact with each and every patient within our network. It is a value we challenge ourselves to uphold in our internal policies and practices, and it is a value that guides us as we imagine the change we want to see within our broader communities. This deeply rooted anchor develops every program we focus on to assist every patient in our communities, and in doing so we are advancing towards a more equitable and inclusive foundation.

This anchor will honor and build upon what we’ve learned from the work we’ve supported in our communities throughout the years while making space for new and improved patient care ideas. When those patient who have historically been overlooked or excluded get the help they need, everyone benefits. Patient- & urgent-care facilities, hospitals, and medical professionals alike know firsthand that achieving a solid patient care approach enhances our community civic, cultural, and economic vitality. Additionally, it strengthens and educates our physicians and nurses, ensuring that our communities can expect excellence within a valuable healthcare sector. To bring about measurable, sustainable change to North Texas's complex patient care system related to medical financial debt. This is one of the sole reasons by we take patient care to heart. Let's face it. Our communities matter, and the fulfillment of lives matters.

Working with Professionals around the World

When you meet a WBT© Foundation staff member, you are shaking hands with the many professionals that support patient care within your community. We know that your private physician will not act alone to provide you with excellent care. Nor just nurses, technicians or other specialists in hospitals or urgent care facilities. We will act in tandem with your primary care center to make sure you receive the best medical financial assistance options available.

IA chart

*The HOSPICE process may vary between patients and the facility.

Early efforts to conceptualize the patient's needs can help process operating costs in a hierarchical differentiation from the onset of patient interaction with facility staff.
Team errors consist of an error-making process and an error-recovery process; all in which result in individual or shared decision making for the patient.
Physicians identify internal and external factors that contribute directly to the patients care process, and the direct billing schedule.
Strategies to keep both the facility and patient functioning within a 'safety zone buffer' involve designing robust procedures that include patient-readiness and patient-complacency.
The Facility MUST appropriately screen patient accounts within the proper guidelines for a successful WBT referral.
WBT Resource Counselors have a one-on-one consultation with the patient to understand and 'confirm' their medical financial assistance needs.
The patient completes the required application process for medical financial assistance funding for the in-take facility patient account.
The WBT board and administrative staff will review the patient account history, as well as visits to the facility to determine approval.
Upon approval of patient funding, WBT streamlines the necessary funding amount to cover the initial facility expense of the patient. NOTE: This does not include the total patient bill. Coverage is only the cost of the intake patient responsibility.
After payment has been successfully processed with the facility, the patient will then have a scheduled follow-up consultation with a WBT administrative staff member, who will outline a payment schedule — getting the patient back on track with billing.


To help facilitate the funding process, our Resource Counselors play an enormous role in treating and managing your patient care status each and everytime you visit a hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional. In fact, we partner with some of the best physicians around North Texas to keep you healthy and utmost favorable to keep you from recurring visits to the Emergency Room. Additionally, by late 2021 we plan to have fully implemented the FlowNetwork© patient care system in each of our 3279 accredited facilities. We perform collaborative, not competitive, research to advance medical financial assistance through patient care, and our facilities help by building a network of more than 178362 (and counting) patients globally.

Resources to Help Pay Your patient care Costs

We offer medical financial assistance to patients with limited or no resources and inadequate medical insurance coverage; primarily during their initial visit to a hospital, urgent-care facility or medical professional's office. Eligibility is determined by family income. Patients are encouraged to apply for medical financial assistance available to pay hospital charges (Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance) before being discharged. Please remember, our not-for-profit hospitals provide high quality care to everyone; regardless of ability to pay.

Supporting and Training Tomorrow's patient care Leaders

We provide our Caregiver Volunteers and affiliates with a resource-rich environment of tools, training and patient care expertise. Our commitment is to develop and move the best, most innovative medical financial assistance network from the design bench to the patient’s bedside through a program of translational and interdisciplinary research and education. We are looking to implement seamless integration of research and clinical care from multiple sources — internal or external to our organization whether local, national or international. Our ultimate mission is to be united in the service of patient care with most facilities. It may seem to be a novel approach to minimizing patient care, but we understand that it takes 'all hands-on-deck' to create a full patient care upswing.

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