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How It Works

The Concept Behind the WBT Foundation Model.

The Program Model Behind the WBT© Foundation Health System

Our Motto: Never Say Die

The WBT© Foundation team has always played an important role in helping patients navigate through the heatlhcare world, but the team's work has become even more critical during this difficult time with its primary focus on patient care. As the COVID-19 crisis has evolved and impacted the healthcare landscape, our team has been working hard to guide and support patients as they manage their health in a rapidly changing situation. We help patients through telephonic communication, preventative health and wellness education management, and connections to resources for financial medical assistance for medical debt and other resource needs.

How our Patient Care program(s) work?

We’ve made financial medical assistance and preventative health and wellness education planning easier than ever. Our platform simplifies your entire financial medical debt into a personalized health and wellness education plan with actionable steps to keep you focused and help you get your health back on track. This is more than just a simple healthcare tool. It's centered around several comprehensive programs that will help you with your financial medical debt, all the while helping you get your health in a better position so that you can have peace of mind knowing that there is a company working for you — not against you.

program signup

program signup

STEP 1 - Complete or download the FMA application online

First, you need to gather some documents and information. These documents will help us determine if you’re eligible for the FMA program. Then, simply apply with the WBT© Foundation by answering a few questions online, or download the application, which may include:

  • proof that you live in North Texas.
  • any proof of U.S. citizenship or residency for your household members.
  • proof you are the parent or legal guardian of all children in your household.
  • proof of any other health care benefits for which you have been approved, been denied, or have a pending application.
  • proof of your household’s income to follow the poverty guidelines of eligibility.

Please Note: In most cases, a hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional will have this form readily available for you to complete at their location, and an administrative staff member can assist you in completing the form.



STEP 2 - FNIP Intake with a WBT© Foundation Resource Counselor

Once you've completed the FMA application (online or in-person), you'll be directed to register for a Financial Network Interface Preferred account (FNIP©), and assigned a WBT© Resource Counselor. With an FNIP account you'll btain access your personalized profile account, check the status of your application, set up your preventative health and wellness education plan, view your report card, assign action items and planning modules, and much more.

During your intake process, your assigned Resource Counselor may ask you to provide some additional information.



STEP 3 - Payment Applied to Your Medical Debt Record

Following successful assignment and set up of your FNIP© account, you will be contacted by your Resource Counselor to go over any final approval(s) and steps to your application. All payments to your medical debt record will be applied to your FNIP© account and forwarded to the hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional office.



STEP 4 - Patient Care Available

During a hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional office visit, when registering, simply give the administering staff member your FNIP© account number or assigned FNIP© card for any initial payment(s) necessary for your care, and all payment(s) will be deducted from your FNIP account.

Please Note: All insurance premium payments will be deducted first before any FNIP© account payments can be applied.



STEP 5 - Educate Your Body Back to Health

After you've completed your patient care treatment, a WBT© Foundation Resource Counselor will set you up and review your preventative health and wellness education plan to ensure that you don't have recurring medical debt issues or revisits to the ER.

Start measuring your financial medical debt and health and wellness with a report card that grades across 10+ categories. Find out which areas you are doing well in and where you need to improve.



STEP 6 - Improve Your Health to Reach Your Goals

Frequently login to your FNIP© account to revisit, review and revise your preventative health and wellness plan, complete action items, find patient care providers, track your progress, and reach your financial medical debt goals — all at the touch of a button.

Your plan helps you make important financial decisions with confidence which means you’ll be well on your way to reaching your financial medical goals.

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MyWBTHealth© now offers the FNIP© Credit Card — an improved feature to make paying your hospital bills, tracking payments and managing multiple accounts even faster. Just click "Bill Pay" and get started.

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We have already protected nearly 178,362 thousand patients with more than $93 million in grants — but there is still more to be done.

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