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grant process

grant process

Grant Opportunities

The WBT© Foundation has a variety of grant programs that advance our community 'grassroot' organizations as we focus on the five key causes of our foundation: integrity, quality, innovation, communnication and team work, and whose strategies and outcomes align with our four focus areas: health and wellness, educational success, community vibrancy and economic prosperity. Some of our grant programs have a simple open application process, while others are by invitation only. WBT© faces multi-dimensional challenges. Proposed solutions must be, too. We are a reliable and growing resource responding to WBT©'s evolving challenges. Our perspective goes beyond immediate needs; we see the big picture and pathways to change that picture into our very own unique sculpture. Therefore, our grantmaking decisions are made by a committee comprised of board members, sponsors, and community representatives. Learn more about the Foundation's grant basics and philosophy.

Grants Review Process

Each proposal submitted to the WBT© Foundation is carefully screened and reviewed by an executive staff member specific to that grant cycle. Upon completion, the staff member makes funding recommendations to the WBT© Board of Trustees.

In each cycle, proposals are rated based on criteria specific to that cycle’s guidelines. The Board meets to discuss its assessment of proposals, selects the proposals invited to the second proposal phase as specified in some grants programs, and determines the proposals that best meet the guidelines and are the best investments of WBT©’s modern resources. Please note: Applicants may only apply to ONE program — once a year. Applications are available at grants.wbtfoundation.org/apply.php and must be submitted through that portal. After submission, applications and all accompanying materials become the property of WBT© and are used as deemed appropriate. The materials may be reviewed with others as part of the assessment process. Finally, Grant executive staff members present their recommendations to the WBT© Board of Trustess for its approval.

Our Grant Process

Grant Types

Grant Information:

  • Programmatic Grants: These grants are awarded to agencies supporting health needs as described in our Focus Areas. Programmatic grants support the costs associated with providing direct program services to clients.
  • Capital and Non-Recurring Grants: These grants are awarded on a one-time basis for new construction, renovation of existing construction, or other infrastructure projects that do not have ongoing costs.


Eligibility for grants are addressed on a case-by-case reformandum, with the following criteria:

  • Any group or organization providing services to the WBT© Foundation may apply for a grant. Applicants MUST either be a 501(c)(3) organizations, schools, or government entities or groups who have a fiscal sponsor that qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally, ALL proposals MUST address issues, concerns, or opportunities as they relate to patient care or the community for which your organization resides.
  • PREFERRED PROPOSALS are accepted from 501(c)(3) charitable organizations located in the WBT© Foundation's direct service area; which include such cities as Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, Plano, Sachse, Murphy, and Dallas surrounding areas.

Grant Priorities

We focus on four areas of community life that are most likely to produce positive and lasting change in North Texas in patient care. We work closely with our funding partners and grantees to advance these goals:

  • Health & Wellness: Our goal is for WBT patient members to be safe and healthy, and have a higher life expectancy.
  • Educational Success: Our goal is for our patients to achieve greater knowledge of medical symptoms, and engage in their community; lessening their trips to the ER.
  • Community Vibrancy: Our goal is for community members to access and appreciate opportunities; such as joining a gym, health advocacy, or other ways to achieve a more healthier lifestyle.
  • Economic Prosperity: Our goal is for our region's resources to be sustainable and our residents to be economically stable and secure.

Grant Amount

Grants typically range from $10,000 to $75,000. Occasionally, we will identify a limited number of projects to receive grants in excess of the current guidelines.

Strategic Goals

Setting standard goals for Grant policies is not easy, as each maticulous step is carefully thought out and conferenced on prior to any decision. We set aside several hours hashing over policy, guidelines and profitability to make each Grant successful, and we ensure that we are:

  • A foundation that is inclusive and equitable for all
  • Empowered and engaged within communities that collaborates across sectors to define problems and work on solutions of patient care
  • A thriving nonprofit sector
  • Realizing the long-term sustainability of organizations and community efforts

Communicating with WBT© Staff Members During Application Process

While not a formal, or required part of an application process, we invite you to reach out to WBT© program staff member to answer any questions prior to submitting an application. During an open application cycle, specific office hours will be offered for application related discussions. Upon the close of the grant cycle any declined applicants are invited to speak wtih WBT© program staff members to discuss the grant proposal and the review process.

If you have questions about how and why information may be used, feel free to contact us via email at info@wbtfoundation.org or phone at (972) 460-4171.

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