Grant Basics

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grant basics

grant basics

Community Cohesiveness

Building on 35 years of combined experience in designing, implementing and improving patient care programs, our executive staff members have taken every innovative, outcomes-driven programming to offer you the tools to make our grants work to your advantage — for your community. To your community. Along with building relationships with the communities around us, we see ourselves as partners with our grantees. So, we want to ensure that the grants awarded to organizations and initiatives through any of our grant programs are successful and create the impact that they seek to make.

The Heart of Our Mission© program, also known as "HOM" invests in organizations and projects that advance our strategic goals and priorities. We want our Grant designation offerings to be different than any other charitable organization, therefore, we’ve used our years of expertise to create virtual and on-site training for WBT©s facility program supervisors, medical professionals and organizations working with WBT©, as well as grant writers on a wide-range of topics that will provide the resources necessary to maximize the impact of every grant.

Organization Communication

One way to ensure success is to be clear about the HOM© grantee organization's roles and responsibilities. Once a grant is awarded, grantees detail their intended impact, the strategies they will use to get the outcomes they want, and the indicators by which their progress will be measured. This plan is incorporated into a grant agreement that spells out additional grantee roles and responsibilities.

Grantee organizations generally submit an interim report. WBT© staff works with grantees who are having challenges in achieving their planned outcomes to jointly work toward success. Please note: The grantee organization will use the grant only for the purposes laid out in the grant agreement. Communications between the grantee organization and the WBT© Foundation will be made through reports and site visits.

Use of Funds

This program is monitored and is subject to the minimum criteria:

  • The grantee organization will use the funds according to the agreement and according to tax-exempt purposes as described by the Internal Revenue Code,
  • maintain supporting records
  • use the funds during the grant period
  • grantee will use the grant only for the purposes laid out in the grant agreement and
  • communications between the grantee organization and the Foundation will be made through reports and site visits

So, whether your organization is taking the very first steps to understand the HOM© program or you just need to explore other options, we can help set the direction and structure that can strengthen your grant impact.

Read the Complete HOM© Grantee Responsibilities document.

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