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grant basics

Comprehensive Programs that Help

The WBT© Foundation understands that sometimes it can be difficult to cover all your medical expenses every month. That's why we have developed four comprehensive benefit programs to help those who qualify — regardless of the ability to pay. No one should put off needed patient care because of a lack of health insurance or concern about paying. We will always treat you with dignity and respect. And, although, there are several local, state and federal government organizations that will help you get some of your medical expenses paid, what makes the WBT© Foundation a unique foundation is that we keep you in mind the moment you step foot inside a hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or a medical professional office.

When you become a WBT© Foundation patient, you're treated not only with a handshake and a smile, but with a promise. That's because we have already built a strong relationship with your local hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, and medical professionals. We just need to build that relationship with you.

Comprehensive Programs Available to You

Smart-EfficientCost© (SEC©)


This program helps to make our health care services available to everyone in our community needing emergent or medically necessary care. This includes people WITHOUT health insurance and are unable to pay their hospital bill, as well as patients WITH health insurance but are unable to pay the portion of their bill that insurance will not cover (post visitation). In some cases, eligible patients will not be required to pay for registration or initial visit services. However, in others cases, patients may be asked to make partial payment. In either case, we want to be there to help when you need us most.

At the WBT© Foundation, part of our mission is to help patients get the quality, patient care they deserve, regardless of their ability to pay, by relieving some of the cost. We believe that no one should delay seeking needed medical care because they lack health insurance or are worried about their ability to pay for their care. This is why we have introduced the Smart-EfficientCost© (SEC©) Program for eligible patients.

We continually monitor our programs and update our facility list, so you can find a location nearest you. While your local hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional may be listed here, this is not a guarantee of coverage and is NOT part of your personal health insurance coverage (if applicable). Please call your WBT© benefits manager for specific questions about your coverage at (972) 460-4171, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm CST.

Steps to Eligibility

Because it's not always convenient to schedule an in-person interview for eligibility between 9am and 6pm, CST, our online Smart-EfficientCost© SEC© application form is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Start your eligibility application here or click on the 'Apply Now' button
  • Verify your email address you submitted through the application process
  • Check your status for a pre-interview with a WBT© Foundation specialist within 72 hours after your application is completed
  • Upon approval, the WBT© Foundation will assign you a specific patient care number, and send you a completed packet via U.S. Postal service to the address you submitted through the application process
  • During a patient care or hospital visit, during registration, please reference your new patient care number

To learn more about this program, please visit here.

Eligibility for patient care financial support and the amount of support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.


Take Action©

quality distinctionquality distinction

We love that fact that our local businesses and medical professionals support the WBT© Foundation and all that we do. In fact, as the U.S. health care system continues to evolve we are steadfast in our determination to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, and help practicing physicians navigate the changing health care system.

Effective WBT© teams are characterized by the TakeAction© program - ensuring trust, respect, and collaboration. For example, the Sunnyvale Medical Group, located in Sunnyvale, TX is a prime example of one of the greatest proponents of teamwork. Teamwork, they believe, is 'endemic to a system in which all employees are working for the good of a goal, who have a common aim, and who work together to achieve that aim. When considering a teamwork model in health care, an interdisciplinary approach should be applied.' Unlike a multidisciplinary approach, in which each team member is responsible only for the activities related to his or her own discipline and formulates separate goals for the patient, an interdisciplinary approach coalesces a joint effort on behalf of the patient with a common goal from all disciplines involved in the care plan. That's why the WBT© Foundation has built a repoire with medical professionals not only across the State of Texas but globally.

In a memorable vision, one of our first targets for a new partnership was in the medical scrubs and equipment services — not an area of expertise for us as a patient care financial entity. Successful at improving patient care we approached LadyBug Scrubs, located in our business home-town of Rockwall, Texas, as our primary source of medical scrubs supply. Unfortunately, due to the recent events surrounding COVID-19, LadyBug Scrubs closed their business; not before donating scrubs to our cause, and helping us to 'take action' in opening a new retail-division of WBT©, namely called BetterSCRUBS©. This new division will help us continue to achieve our goal by providing each employee, located within a participating WBT© facility, with a brand new set of scrubs of their choice; fully dedicated to the patient care venture. Each scrub will have the official WBT© logo and slogan ('Providing Better Lives. For Everyone.') sewn in.

An Avenue of Change

Asserting your opinion to an influencing body that counts you as a member makes a difference in what happens with both our message and our brand. Business leaders are receptive to its' members’ and frequently place support and resources behind them, and the WBT© Foundation is no exception. When you portrait the WBT© Foundation logo - you connect with one another, and together we learn that our self interest is actually connected to the interests of the patients we serve. That gives us a conception of the public good, common identity, and sense of common responsibility, as a nation, and as medical professionals. Make no mistake. People who wear the WBT© Foundation logo on their medical scrubs or lab uniform want to invest in a look that feels good, wears well and expresses some individuality that tell's patients, 'I CARE'. That's why we've offered a Brand-New affiliate division called Better Scrubs to help you feel like you can take on every patient you encounter.

What are you waiting for? Take action today, and show your support to patient care. You'll be glad you did.

To learn more about this program, please visit here.

Eligibility for patient care financial support and the amount of support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.


Seniors GrowForth©

service excellenceservice excellence

When it comes to caring for the elderly, especially in a financial situation, our Seniors GrowForth© program takes quick action at resolving the burden. One of the best things about aging is the wisdom you accrue over the years. But opposite that is growing old while still in debt. Financial stress and burden during what you throught were the golden years was the least of your worries when you celebrated retirement.

Launched in April of 2019, the Seniors GrowForth© financial assistance program, targeting low-income seniors with those untimely medical expenses. By providing monthly stipends, and giving more relief to our senior citizen community the Seniors GrowForth© program bridges the gap between your expenses and income; giving you less to worry about, and more to enjoy.

Steps to Eligibility

To qualify you must:

  • show proof of limited income and resources

As of 2019, the maximum gross monthly income is 130% of the federal poverty level, which is $1,353. Seniors are often more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft than other groups of people. The cost of elderly care totally depends on what kind of services, within a retirement facility, an elderly person requires, as well as where they are located.

Let's face it. A primary concern for seniors is medical expenses. That's why the WBT© Foundation is dedicated to improving long-term, financial quality of life for Seniors. We aims to assist Senior citizens in finding medical financial solutions that work for their patient care needs. As we all age, and our health and cost become more abundant, we are far more likely to require additional care with everyday tasks. Senior care centers, assisted living facilities, senior communities and nursing homes provide this care, but for a high price tag. For this very reason, the Senior GrowForth program was initiated.

To learn more about this program, please visit here.

Eligibility for patient care financial support and the amount of support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.


SpringIt Forward©

patient carepatient care

The WBT© Foundation works with patients who are struggling with medical financial debt while undergoing treatment at a hospital, patient- or urgent care facility, or medial professionals.

For patients who have a willing to give back to their community, the WBT© Foundation can offer help with whom they wish to help through our highly acclaimed SpringIt Forward© program — you know, the thing where you do something nice for someone else because someone was kind to you can go a long way in today's society! If enough people make a practice of this, the ripple effect will be of resounding positivity. We’ll be a society of helpers. We’ll build communities. We’ll build safety and belonging. We'll build the positive impact that will show we can all have a thriving, more healthier community if we just give back.

What is it all about?

SpringIt Forward© is a low-fee, low-cost program offered to patients-by-patients; those who want to give to other patients chronically struggling to meet their basic financial needs out of the kindness God has shown to them. It allows the WBT© Foundation to partner with new or pre-existing patients who may have already experienced the help that we offer and to do the same, if not greater, for patients who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for help through traditional hospital or charity models. We’ve also had the support of our friends and community neighbors, so the patients who were originally inspired our giving programs and continue to do so today gladly participate in this program to help other patients in their time of crisis, while recognizing that there are others who love helping others. Of course, we know that their emergency is not the result of an unplanned or unexpected situation. So, it is our hope that this program eliminates our patients’ need to access over-percentage costs for healthcare, such as a payday loans - which can be unfair, deceptive and abusive to consumers, and to pass on more gentle care that isn't expected.

The SpringIt Forward© programs' innovative approach ensures greater utilization of WBT©’s financial resources by “recycling” grants and federal funding into future loans for patients, as well as working with new or pre-existing patients who want to give back to the community by supporting patients where they are able. The return on investment is both the financial impact to the WBT© Foundation of re-appropriated donation payments and socially rewarding to the patient care community.

Steps to Eligibility

The SpringIt Forward© programs determines if you are eligible by:

  • new or pre-existing patient
  • willing to dedicate any amount
  • eligible recipient(s) MUST be willing to be willing to participate in one or our giving programs
  • YOU must provide your patient care testimony :)P

You will need this information as part of the process qualifying for this program. You can rest assured that our trained experts will do everything they can to get your recipient involved in our program and take advantage of the love and support that you have shown.

To learn more about this program, please visit here.

Eligibility for patient care financial support and the amount of support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.


What Can You Do?

While the debt is still in the hands of the patient- & urgent-care facility, hospitals, or medical professional the WBT© Foundation helps to make patient care services available to you by assisting with those untimely medical expenses. Our programs are intended to help eligible WBT© patient care families not be required to pay for services at time of registration with your local hospital, patien- & urgent-care facility, or medical professioal office.

Getting Started

The WBT© Foundation has met the needs of the community by offering the highest patient care medical financial assistance with compassion and respect. We are one of Texas's most respected foundations, and our core values: dignity, sustainability, service and humility are the guiding principles for everything we do. We are synonymous with profound care that extends beyond good social service to a commitment to caring for you — mind, body and spirit.

If outstanding medical care is important to you, make sure you have a way to get your expenses paid. By participating in one of our programs, we make it easy for you and the community to get the medical financial help you need while facing your greatest medical uncertanties. By letting us know you think you may have problems paying your part of your bill, our Business Office or Resource Counselors can help you decide on what the best option is for you and your family.

  • Extended payments
  • Government programs

Count on a respectable administrative staff to help you understand your situation, and help you in applying for medical financial assistance, when you need it most.

For those who DO NOT qualify for government programs, our programs allow you to get the patient care at no obligation or discounted obligation, based on your income and family size. These programs are available once all other third-party resources (including local assistance programs) are exhausted. To help determine if you qualify we:

  • Uses income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Considers all of your financial assets and liabilities
  • Requires you to provide the personal and financial information we ask for, including W-2 forms, bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs
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