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serving the community

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The WBT© Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for residents of North Texas and beyond. Our Impact grants support nonprofits whose strategies and outcomes align with our four focus areas: health and wellness, educational success, community vibrancy and economic prosperity. The WBT© Foundation does not promote the lending or granting money to individuals.

We’re here for the community — investing in the most sustainable projects and programs for patient care, and poised to make a difference in the community. Supporting WBT©’s most effective organizations and launching innovative ventures and collaborations with hospitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, and medical professional offices — acting as a driven-factor to provide better lives. For everyone.

Guided by our strategic priorities, our grants provide over $35 million in funding each year to help build the healthiest communities throughout North Texas. Additionally, our grants create greater impact in the community by targeting a focused set of persistent, regional challenges throughout North Texas; especially when it comes to patient care. In fact, our philanthropic presence in the Dallas Region, alone, has supported nonprofit organizations in making our community a better place for all residents to call home while directly impacting patient care so that our residents can stay alert, active and healthy. Our grantmaking effort will work in tandem with other initiatives on solutions that are most directly tied to increasing opportunity for patient care for low-wealth residents. We will approach our grantmaking decisions through a priority of requirements that include access and equity for all residents we serve; not just here in North Texas.

How to Apply

Eligibility for grants are addressed on a case-by-case reformandum, with the following criteria:

  • Step 1. Decide on the type of grant service you are looking for
    • I am an applicant - Match your organization's needs and opportunities with WBT©’s grant offerings. Access current grant applications or Check the Status of open applications. For help getting started with the FlowNetwork© system, please call (972) 460-4171.
    • I am an grantee - Access grantee resources for each of the Foundation's grant programs.
    • I am an donor - View our grant basics, grants process, and learn about our management care when it comes to grants.
  • Step 2. Submit a proposal.
    *NOTE: To provide the accuracy of our applicants, ALL submissions MUST BE COMPLETED online for your proposal

Submit Final Report

Grantees must submit a final report by 5 pm on the last working day in July in the year following your award. You will also use our online grants system Powered by FlowNetwork© to submit your report. Results should align with the outcomes described in your original proposal.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, please visit our Strategic Priorities to learn more about our areas of funding, or contact the Director of Programs at (972) 460-4171 to find out whether your organization or program might be eligible. Further information on the types of funding we offer and the application process can be found below. Please note: That while the majority of grant applications must be submitted by invitation, the WBT© Foundation issues periodic Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to target specific health challenges, and which are open to any eligible applicant. Information on upcoming RFPs will be featured on our website with application instructions.

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