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grant basics

grant basics

What does the WBT© Foundation do?

We are a recognized and independent 501(c)3 nonprofit public foundation working to create access to improving patient care opportunities through medical financial assistance, medical preventative care education, and the communities we support by advancing the quality of life throughout North Texas and beyond.

I believe that I am eligible for financial assistance. How do I apply?

Start with familiarizing yourself with our varied Giving Programs and their specific strategies and benefit criteria. Please note that some programs are specific (e.g. Seniors GrowForth©).

Once you have reviewed our guidelines and have completed the applicant process, we will respond appropriately to the stated areas of program interest. However, if you do fit within the guidelines and we have not reached out to you within 7-14 working days, call us at (972) 942-2700 to discuss your inquiry with a program director in your interest program area. If WBT©’s program staff determines that funding can be considered, we will provide instructions for submitting a proposal to the origin facility.

What type of patient care do you fund?

In support of our vision to build a more solid community when it comes to patient care, we focus our efforts in areas that address the needs of patients facing untimely financial needs, such as:

  • Primary Care (general practice, general internists, medical professionals or family doctors)
  • Specialty Care (care for a patient who has a health problem or illness that requires special knowledge in one medical area)
  • Emergency Care (involves diagnosing and treating life-threatening illnesses or injuries that need immediate attention)
  • Urgent Care (not life threatening, but is care for an illness or injury that needs immediate attention)
  • Longterm Care (combination of medical, nursing and social care)

What type of businesses do you fund?

The majority of our funding goes to tax-exempt organizations (nonprofits, public charities and universities) and public agencies throughout North Texas, and the broader United States.

In addition to funding, we share our expertise directly with nonprofit leaders, advocates, policymakers and government officials to support improved practices and policies for patient care, families and the community.

Why can't I access the foundations FlowNetwork© Care System?

For security of Intellectual Property, the online expansive care networking system, called the FlowNetwork© Care System, is only accessible Monday through Friday from 8am - 6pm. Additionally, it is only available to active WBT© patients, sponsors or employees.

Why can't I find guidelines that fit my program areas?

We believe that we can be most effective by concentrating our resources in a few programmatic and/or geographically studies areas. Inevitably, this means we cannot support many worthy projects outside our program interests.

When we see that there is a greater need then what programs we are offiering, we will then look into the variance program, and build recommendations on the stated areas of program interest.

Can I change my profile information?

Yes, you can update your profile information a Resource Counselor, or call our office at (972) 460-4171. We are available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Mon - Fri).

What are the basic requirements to become eligible to receive medical financial assistance?

With very few exceptions, most applicants are eligible to receive medical financial assistance at the time of pre-registration. However, because we do screening of eligibility, most applicant approvals are returned to the primary facility withing 3-5 days following the patients visit.

Who determines the foundation’s overall funding direction?

The Board of Trustees, comprised of six (6) members, govern the foundation. Voting and determination is based on count, mandating an 'odd' favorable decision so that all foundation decisions are final and not 'split-decisions'; making for quicker relief policies. Additionally, each Giving Program is led by one (1) Executive Staff Director and one (1) Board of Trustee member.

Do you only partner with patient care facilities in Texas?

Yes. We not only have WBT© partners throughout North Texas, but have drafted new initiatives with other hospitals, patient- and urgent care facilities, and medical professionals across other states of the U.S. By 2023, we want to include Canada within that partnership. If you would like to know where our global partners are located, please visit our Find a Location page for a complete listing of current WBT© partnering facilities.

How many people work for the foundation?

As of today, there are approximately thirty-four (34) administrative staff members; including two interns. Our corporate office is located in Rockwall TX, but we will be opening several satelite offices throughout the U.S. starting in May of 2021.

What happens if I need to go to the hospital or see a physician?

For starters, having such direct access to your provider through your MyWBT FlowNetwork© Care System account will help you to avoid hospitalizations and specialty referrals in many cases. However when those types of care are required, we will certainly continue to work with your health provider during your hospital visit to work closely with any specialists you encounter. Depending on the level of care and the sorts of expertise required, we may rely on those specialized caregivers to manage your treatment.

Does my account cover any lab fees?

At the time you receive service, charges will be applied to your account. However, you do have the option of paying for services out-of-pocket, and having us reimburse you at a later date by submitting an open invoice by the facility of treatment.

As a patient, will I still be required to have health insurance?

Each case is reviewed by our executive staff to determine types of eligibility available to you. We do recommend our patients continue a major medical plan with health savings account; if at all possible. However, if you experience a major health issue, and you still need insurance to help cover any portion of the expenses, our Resource Counselors will look into your situation and assess what we can and cannot cover.

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