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At the WBT© Foundation, our work centers around our three core values: dedication, commitment and value. We know there are too many disparities when it comes to the opportunities for patient care to thrive in this country. To advance equity, we must work to eliminate inequity in access to quality patient care successes caused by historic disinvestment in communities, which has disproportionately affected communities throughout the U.S..

We believe that the community has to be at the center of this change. Our role is to assist community leadership, not to come into a community and tell them what they need, or to do for them. And it is imperative that hospitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, and medical professionals play an active role in the design process to better patient care.

Together with our partners listed below, we want to create a better environment for patient care within our communities; welcoming families to feel more at ease when it comes to their health and wellness, and to lessen the burden of getting good, proper patient care when they need it most. These prime principals start within every community that we come into contact with.

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