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As a WBT© Foundation Caring-Teers© volunteer, we know that helping someone who's gotten older in life, or whom has a disability isn't easy. It can impact your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Many factors go into the overall care and experience of a patient during a visit to a hospital, patient- or urgent-care facility, or medical professional office.

It's very important for every person to have access to the information they need, including as a Caring-Teers© volunteer, to make the most informed patient care decisions. Many sources of information on patient care quality are available to the public, but patients may not always know where to find the information they need. At the WBT© Foundation, we want our patients to have access to reliable information about patient care, knowing that we are committed to providing clear and accurate accreditation, quality initiatives, recognitions and quality measures. By offering their valuable time, our Caring-Teers© volunteers provide support, encouragement and a fresh perspective to patients, visitors and the hospital staff a-like. And in return, they become part of the WBT© Foundation family.

What Is the Definition of a Caring-Teers© volunteer?

A Caring-Teers© volunteer, the same like a caregiver, is someone who provides unpaid care for an adult relative, a friend, spouse or community related person(s) who is elderly or has a disability with no means of providing for themselves. In 2019, about 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. provided an estimated 37 billion hours of care. The estimated value of their unpaid service was approximately $470 billion.

Caring-Teers© volunteers spend an average of 18 hours per week providing care to a family member; 60% caring while employed full or part time, and 22% providing 21+ hours per week while working a job. The primary purpose of a WBT© Foundation Caring-Teers© volunteer is to assist patients and families who are unable to help themselves; specializing in services that add to the comfort, hospitality, care and happiness of every patient and family member they come into contact with.

So, how do we help Caring-Teers© volunteers during such a time? By providing patient care funding and resources to help with necessary equipment, such as oxygen, BP monitoring systems, and other community-based services and supports.


Helping Patients find the resources they need and more.

Providing care for an aging loved one or a person with disabilities or who cannot help themselves is challenging but also rewarding. WBT© Foundation Caring-Teers© volunteers have the chance to ensure quality of life to be the best it can be by assisting with activities of daily living. Most of all, by working with the WBT© Foundation as a Caring-Teers© volunteer, we help take on the responsibility by giving you all the necessary tools to succeed; a benefit of knowing that family members receive attentive, personal care delivered with love and affection.

Did You Know?

59% of all caregivers experience strain on their quality of life; including emotional stress, financial hardship and stress at work. We want to take the relief of this stress by providing the best solutions possible for you and your loved ones. Despite all of the challenges caregivers face around the globe they have largely altruistic intentions for doing what they do best. Statistics show that 90% are interested in the patients quality of life. 78% want to aid in healthier recovery, and 71% feel it is a personal obligation.

Caring-Teers© Eligibility

Caring-Teers© volunteers directly impact the lives of patients and their families. They are responsible for performing a variety of functions in providing quality care to residents, from personal care and psychosocial support. The WBT© Foundation will assist with helping you find the right family to assist and be a loving support agent to. You will represent the highest standards of our commitment to individuals, their families and our communities.

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