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Whenever you give to The WBT© Foundation, you become an integral part of the heart of who we are. We take great pride in making charitable giving easy in supporting patient care, and we make it effective and enjoyable while customizing our services to match the philanthropic interests of all sponsors or donors throughout our community.

Ways to Give (options)

We offer many opportunities for sponsors and donors to give, and we thank each and everyone who contributes for the cause of patient care. Whether you give through an existing initiative or fund, or a giving vehicle such as the Donor Avisory Fund (DAF), every penny counts. Unfortunately, at time, we do not offer estate or will giving, but please check back with us in the near future as our process may have changed.

To learn more, simply visit donations or simply give us a call at (972) 460-4171.

First Responder Recognition Award


As we continue to work closely with our local government officials throughout our communities, the WBT© Foundation Awards recognizes leaders in the profession and in our communities who fully embody social work values and ethics. That type of leadership helps our communities stay connected, and shows that they have accomplished the extraordinary and we have been honored to recognize them. We recognize donors to express our gratitude for your exceptional dedication, commitment and valued support to the patients of the WBT© Foundation.

We need your participation to keep the tradition moving forward. Generous contributions are essential in securing and growing giving programs, and when we are able to launch a new program, its only because you were there to help.

Several key components that demonstrate recipient nomination follow along Advocacy for client or social policy, social work, program development, and administrative cohesiveness. Included are areas of outstanding leadership, contribution for a recognized and positive image for professionalism, taking risks to achieve greatness, and being fully endorsed by (3 endorsements) — hands down. Eligibility may include:

  • An individual or professional entity who has made significant contributions or developed model programs within their community
  • An individual or professional entity who has gone above and beyond in their community for public safey standards
  • An individual or professional entity who has shown leadership in public policy issues important to the profession for their local community
  • An individual who, at the beginning phase of their career, demonstrated outstanding leadership as a developing professional for the community for which they work in
  • An individual or professional entity who has made exemplary contributions in patient care and/or healthcare within their community
  • An individual or professional entity that has made a significant impact on public safety policies, professional standards, or program models for community growth
  • An individual or professional entity that has significantly advanced the public image of professional standards, value and commitment to the community for which they work in

This years nominee recipient(s) are are listed from the following governmental agencies:

  • Dallas County Sheriff's Office
  • Rowlett Police Department
  • Garland Police Department

An Award Ceremony will be given to the nominees during the Battle of the Badges Inaugural Softball Tournament scheduled July 25th. *ONLY on recipient will take home this prestigious award.

Special Thanks to All Who Have Given in 2021


Up to $10,000

  • V. Johnson - Dallas, TX
  • E. Diaz-Kendall - Dallas, TX
  • A. Alvarez - Dallas, TX
  • R. Hirst - Dallas, TX
  • J. Conley - Dallas, TX


$10,001 to $20,000

  • S. Greeley - Richmond, VA
  • P. Martinez - Tigard, OR


$20,001 to $50,000


$50,001 to $100,000

  • J. Rivera - Tigard, OR


$100,001 to $1,000,000


$1,000,000 +

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