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Why We Even Exist

Every Little Bit Helps

The WBT© Foundation is on a mission to inspire and improve patient care by providing the right care without boundaries, and leveraging the best of overall educated healthcare discipline and preventative care. When health insurance, government stimulus packages, and little-to-no savings is not enough, we’re here to help with supplemental assistance such as required visit payments, initial patient ER responsibilities, copays, premiums, deductibles, doctors visit consultations, and other out-of-pocket expenses that surround medical expenses. Which means you get the patient care you need — the moment you need it, while we dedicate ourselves to harnessing a better and more healthier community.

Fully accredited as a tax exempt public charity, we're registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of the Internal Revenue Code striving to provide an important fight for patient care and healthcare excellence. But no less important is the commitment we all must make to support families that strive for a fulfilling and complete life during any ER or medical crisis. Though the treatment may end, the government checks stop, and the illness be cured, the long-term effects on patient care debt remains to be a major factor.

By providing medical financial assistance to patients through hospitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, and medical professionals within our local communities, we can help curb the initial strain for qualified patients struggling to pay untimely medical expenses during medical emergencies. For these reasons alone, we continue to move grants and raise funding to help provide patients get back to a better, more healthier way of living.

Certifiably better, healthier and brighter

All aspects of the the WBT© Foundation’s work, from medical debt research and grants to community health events are all designed to achieve the following goals:

  • to provide the community with medical financial assistance to patients when they are unable to pay initial funding responsibilities,
  • to work together with hopsitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, or medical professional offices to lower outstanding medical debt for patients,
  • to educate medical professionals on the leadership skills necessary to drive healthcare excellence in a favorable position for greater patient care
  • to educate patients on health and wellness; providing them better resources to get them on a healthy track, and lower their frequency of hospital or doctor visits through preventative care.

Through specific Impact Grants we have been able to achieve major goals that benefit us throughout the region as we continue to address specific focus areas of need each year. In fact, we recently adobted a multi-year grant, collaborating with senior rehab and care centers around North Texas to address the needs of our community senior citizens. Through a medium-scale initiative within our 2020-2023 Strategic Priorities, this program, known as the Seniors GrowForth© progam, is dedicated to vulnerable seniors throughout all Texas Counties who have been displaced or who current do not have the means to maintain individualized living.

Working in tandem with healthcare facilities, medical professionals, researchers, supporters, advocates, and even patients themselves, we're helping to fund such programs by doing the most promising task — all the while promoting heatlh and wellness awareness, sharing valuable educational information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for patient care.


Patients Supported Globally

Patients GloballySEC Program

The WBT© Foundation has helped more than 178362 qualified patients and families facing out-of-pocket medical expenses by providing medical financial assistance for patient care expenses, such as required visit payments, initial patient ER responsibilities, copays, premiums, deductibles, doctors visit consultations, and other out-of-pocket expenses. As hospitals, patient- & urgent care facilities, and medical professionals continue to navigate today’s complex and ever-changing healthcare system it is vitally paramount to ensure that we help address the following relationships:

  • Physician-Patient: Physicians and patients must have the ability to create and maintain a true partnership, as this epitomizes the most essential element of a quality patient care system.
  • Transparency: All patient care stakeholders (eg hospitals, urgent care facilities, etc.) must collaborate to address challenges to make the current patient care system more easily to understand. This includes bringing greater transparency to areas such as costs, billing practices, narrowing networks, and other viable standards.
  • Access: In order for medical professionals to be effective patient advocates, there must be more support for the overall concept of “access.” This includes greater acknowledgement into payer decisions — all the while protecting their patients rights.
  • Self-determination: Self-determination allows medical professionals to be both 'responsive to' and 'responsible for' patient needs and concerns. It gives them the opportunity to operate with judgmental independence and to serve with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Impact Grants Approved

Impact GrantsSEC Program

As we continue to reach goals through our grant initiatives, the Impact Grant Preliminary Application period is approximately December 1 through March 1. This may vary slightly from year to year.

In any given year, a volunteer grant committee reviews the preliminary applications, and those who meet our screening criteria will be invited in March to submit a full grant application for funding consideration by our board committee by late June. Notification of grantees and availability of funds will then become effective in early July. *NOTE: Funds must be requested within one year of grant approval date.

Impact grants can range anywhere between $10,000 to $75,000; depending on the criteria. Additionally, Impact grants will NOT be made to support additional utilizing of any existing program. However, our Board of Trustees may choose to fund some costs of starting a satellite or initiative program to serve people in a different communities. To qualify, the need for expanded services must be substantiated along with a detailed sustainability plan for long-term increased services.

Patient Care Facilities

PatientCare FacilitiesSEC Program

We currently partner with more than 3279 hopsitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, and medical professionals throughout North Texas — each of whom hold a valid partnership Certificate of Authority. Additionally, we help ensure that all proper funding for qualified patients are met in a timely and contractual manner when the need arises; no matter the location.

“Fixing” the problems that plague patient care in the U.S. and abroad, most experts may now agree, demands system-wide partnering solutions. The patient care system must be redesigned, and that enormous task must be undertaken collaboratively by all key stakeholders. Whether it be health care professionals, administrators, planners, policy makers or payers, such partnerships must begin with a shared understanding of the problem, and a shared commitment to work together to solve them must be developed by an action plan to redesign and reshape the patient care system.

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