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We are the Leaders Ahead of You, and the Business Working Beside You.

Why We Even Exist

A Strand Woven Together is Not Easily Broken

The WBT© Foundation is a nationally-ranked medical foundation working with North Texas hospitals, patient- & urgent-care facilities, and medical professionals directly through patient care; with a primary focus on financial medical assistance and preventative health and wellness education. Our renowned MyWBTHealth© Health Network, also known as the WBT© Health Network, has become one of the leading patient care advocacy networks in North Texas. Fully accredited as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charitable organization, the WBT© Foundation's is creating a mission towards a more healthier future for patients throughout global communities by leading in patient care, preventative health and wellness education, research and financial medical assistance.

We push to inspire and improve patient care by providing the right care without boundaries, and leveraging the best of overall educated healthcare discipline and preventative care. By providing financial medical assistance to patients within our local communities, we can help curb the initial strain for qualified patients struggling to pay untimely medical expenses during any emergencies. For these reasons alone, we continue to move grants and provide funding to help patients get back to a better, more healthier way of living.

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Dedicated solely to the health and well-being of patient care

We provide patient and family centered care in a variety of community settings throughout North Texas, and are the only independent healthcare system in North Texas dedicated solely to a 'two-fold purpose' - providing financial medical assistance, while formulating a preventative health and wellness education program in tandem. Throughout North Texas, we provide patients and their families with a wide range of financial support - everything from routine ER or medical facility visits to volunteer advance and supported care options.

Every day, we work to advance our vision — that all patients throughout North Texas and beyond will be at their healthiest. EVER! We know that we need healthy families and stronger communities to live well, and that we can't do it alone. Because of this, we dedicate ourselves to partner with local businesses and government entities that share that same positive drive for the patient care model harnessing the multiple benefits of our giving programs.


Learn how WBT© started, the meaning behind 'We're Better Together', and how quickly we've become the supporting foundation that impacts your local community.

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Awards & Honors

Find out how our initiatives have helped to advance us as the top-ranked patient care and financial medical assistance foundation, in 10 specialties throughout North Texas, and read why we've been nominated as one of the 10 best foundations in the U.S.

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CEO Leadership

Read how our founder and CEO, Darrian Kendall, provides proven leadership that drives continued growth in patient care throughout North Texas and beyond.

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View press releases and news that highlight our national campaigns, new partnerships, patient care research, giving programs and other noteworthy events.

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Explore more about our services and giving programs. You may also inquire Quick Facts about the WBT© Foundation.


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We have already protected nearly 178,362 thousand patients with more than $93 million in grants — but there is still more to be done.

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