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Your Journey to
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At the WBT© Foundation, we understand timing is crucial when it comes to being seen at a hospital, patient- & urgent care facility, or medical professional office. Early screening and detection can save lives. In support of this, we also know that visiting these facilities can be costly. And, when health insurance, government stimulus packages, and little-to-no savings is not enough, we’re here to help with supplemental assistance such as required visit payments, initial patient ER responsibilities, copays, premiums, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses that surround untimely medical expenses. Which means you get the patient care you need — the moment you need it, while we dedicate ourselves to harnessing a better and more healthier community.

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Making a Difference Around
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How We Meet
Patient Care Needs in the Community

For Patient Rights. For Health Awareness. For Community Growth. Despite progress over the past two decades, in 2018 alone, an estimated 6.2 million patients died — mostly from preventable causes. Our top need for medical treatment begins with patient care, because once we start there everthing else will trickle into place. The WBT© Foundation helps improve patient care by providing the right care without boundaries, and leveraging the best of overall educated healthcare discipline and preventative care. We channel our resources towards strategic, direct campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help impact patient care. By targeting our audience on the things that matter most in healthcare, we aim to take patient care to the next level of health and wellness.

Financial Debt Plays a Big Role

Financial medical debt is a major problem throughout North Texas. The WBT© Foundation is on a mission to change all of that. That’s why we are dedicated to empowering our community leaders to raise awareness and funds to help provide timely treatments and, ultimately, get the community back on track; all the while providing better health awareness education. By providing financial medical assistance to patients within our local communities we can help curb the initial strain of those struggling to pay those untimely medical expenses during emergency situations. For these reasons alone, we continue to build and move grants, raising funds to help patients get back to a better, more healthier way of living.

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Scheduled Events

  • We Focus on High-Impact Campaigns & Community Events

We channel our resources towards strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help restore patient care.


  • Your Donations Help Patient Care Within Your Community

We believe in the importance of giving back to our communities, and with your help we can help others who need better patient care and health awareness.


  • Together We Can Make a Difference in Your Community

The WBT© Foundation staff works closely with private partners and professionals around North Texas to combat against negligent patient care.

Partnered Through the

The WBT© Foundation’s financial medical assistance program is one of North Texas Complementary Interventions and together with our holistic health and wellness education program, it allows patient care to escape the crippling effects of debt, and seeks to improve a better, more healthier community.



Spokesperson Morgan Freeman would agree that as a WBT© Foundation sponsor you can help push patient care in a more positive direction, and keep the community growing — Together.

Giving Programs

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No one should put off needed patient care because of a lack of health insurance or concern about paying. At the WBT© Foundation, we will always treat you with dignity and respect. Part of our mission is to help patients get the quality patient care they deserve, regardless of their ability to pay, by relieving some of the cost. We believe that no one should delay seeking needed medical care because they lack health insurance or are worried about their ability to pay for their care.

Please Note: While your local hospital, patient- & urgent-care facility, or medical professional may be listed here, this is not a guarantee of coverage and is NOT part of your personal health insurance coverage (if applicable). Please call your WBT© benefits manager for specific questions about your coverage at (972) 460-4171, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm CST.

Steps to Eligibility

Due to COVID-19, it's not always convenient to schedule an in-person interview for eligibility between 9am and 6pm, CST, for one of our programs. Therefore, we have made it very convenient to our patients to simply fill-out an application form online. Our forms are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and right at your fingertips.

  •  Start your eligibility with the pre-qualified application by clicking on the 'Get Pre-Qualified' button below
  •  Verify your email address you submitted through the pre-qualified application process
  •  Check your status for a pre-interview with a WBT© Foundation specialist within 72 hours after your pre-qualified application is completed
  •  Upon final approval, the WBT© Foundation will assign you a specific patient care number, and send you an enrollment packet via U.S. Postal service to the address you submitted through the pre-qualified application process
  •  During a patient care or hospital visit, during registration, please reference your new patient care number

*Eligibility for patient care financial support, and the amount of support that can be given, is determined on an individual basis.

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WBT© Caring-Teers© volunteers directly impact the lives of patients and their families. Caring-Teers© are responsible for performing a variety of tasks in providing quality care to residents; inclusive from personal care and psychosocial support, to direct companionship and errand support. The WBT© Foundation always represents the highest standard of our commitment to individuals, their families and our communities by using Caring-Teers© volunteers to help you in your time of need.

 Volunteer as a Student, Individual or Group

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Caring-Teers© volunteer at The WBT© Foundation. We offer one-time opportunities for corporate, church, families and other groups throughout our communities - a great opportunity for businesses to give back to the community. To request more information on becoming a volunteer simply call our office at (972) 460-4171. Or simply choose to email us at

  •  Review eligibility and complete an online application here.
  •  Submit and pass a background check through KlearData© (instructions will be provided once your application is received).
  •  Complete online Caring-Teers© volunteer training with a WBT© Resource Counselor once your application is approved.
  •  Attend a 2 hour Caring-Teers© volunteer orientation and tour of our campus.

Give With Confidence

We have already protected nearly 178,362 thousand patients with more than $93 million in grants — but there is still more to be done.

Lock IconThe WBT© Foundation is 100% committed to financial integrity, stewardship and using each dollar wisely.

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